Abduct the Oeuvre
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In this project, discarded palettes become fodder for poetic provocation. By unnaturally forcing a bi-directional synesthetic experience, the artist translates colors into words. Each brushstroke contains a multitude of shades; similarly, each word contains a collection of hues for a grapheme-color synesthete. Each letter has a precise color, and the letters– and, therefore, colors– that make up a word are weighted differently, resulting in a variable algorithm of sorts. Here, the artist pores over dictionaries, searching for the lone entry that perfectly matches a given brushstroke. After each brushstroke has been carefully paired into its semantic counterpart, the words are creatively recombined into poetry. This results in poetic word-neighbors that would be nearly impossible to predict, and are likely nonexistent in any known corpus: an abducted ouevre, a torquing nymph, lagging tomfoolery, and kinetic pores on a zirconium quilt.

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