Hi, I'm Laura!

Currently, I am a graduate student at the Oxford Internet Institute and a User Experience Research Lead at Adobe, where I focus on emerging creative technologies. My team aims to inform the design of the next generation of connected creative systems. I’ve published papers on immersive drawing experiences that alter perceived spatial dimensionality, the behavioral effects of virtual environments, and multimodal interactions in a spatial computing environment.

In previous research positions at Intel and Harvard, I’ve studied multisensory experiences in ubiquitous computing, computer vision, and XR environments. My academic research at Princeton University, from which I graduated with honors in Neuroscience & Psychology, investigated the perceptual expertise of artists and was awarded the George A. Miller Prize in Cognitive Science.

A common thread runs through my research: an investigation of how emerging technology influences human creativity. My understanding of the creation process has been deepened by my own artistic practice. I have collaborated with Paris-based artists to develop and build “meta-perceptual” head-mounted devices, exhibited at the Tate, that offer an embodied view of other beings’ perceptual experiences. I’ve also created my own data-driven, text-based art, inspired by my synesthesia.

In my free time, you can find me practicing calligraphy, enjoying ballet, or visiting art museums.  My guilty pleasures include Pantone color chips, antique tea cups, and gooey cheeses. I’d love to chat about mutual interests, so please feel free to reach out!