VR Creativity Study
UX Researcher
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Prior to my arrival at Adobe, there were no researchers on my team focusing on Virtual Reality creativity programs. To provide a common language for cross-organization product teams, I embarked on a multi-pronged research program that would synthesize a variety of methods to produce a company-wide user-centric direction for VR projects. To this end, I performed quantitative user analytics, ethnographic fieldwork, market research, industry case studies, and lead user research. Ultimately, the various data sources were synthesized into focus areas for future research & development of VR creativity tools, typically with a 5-10 year horizon. Some identified focus areas were prototyping, previsualization, architecture, virtual collaboration, and two-dimensional artwork re-creations. This research has served as an impetus for various HCI research projects (some of which are represented elsewhere on this website), as well as company-wide strategic business initiatives.

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