Social VR Vectors
UX Researcher
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As Virtual Reality (VR) becomes more proliferated, social interactions will begin to migrate to the virtual realm. Many researchers are racing to understand the norms and requirements of this unexplored space. To better understand the current and future offerings of social VR experiences, I conducted an in-depth analysis of the current market for social VR applications. To this end, I facilitated heuristic analyses of over a dozen social VR platforms (Facebook Spaces, AltSpace VR, Masterpiece VR, Oculus Rooms, etc.). Based on these analyses, I segmented the current social VR marketplace into three general categories and devised six “sliders,” three 2 x 2 matrices, on which to map social VR applications. This theoretical framework was presented directly to senior VR stakeholders for use in technical decompositions. Furthermore, the vector-based sliders are to be used as framework for internal studies on non-gaming VR use-cases, and as a reference model for the development of social VR applications.

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